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How leading metal manufacturers are adapting to meet increasing cost pressures

Sunset mill

The steel manufacturing industry is shifting toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution/Industry 4.0 with the adoption of intelligent manufacturing and efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This change is driven by global competition, carbon emission reduction policy, rising workforce transition and price pressures that are eroding profitability and competitiveness.

From steel, aluminum, to zinc and copper, the industry must innovate and optimize productivity. The innovation and transformational promise of Industry 4.0 aim to do just that. As manufacturers journey into Industry 4.0, many are starting with one key: maintenance as a significant lever to reduce cost and improve asset reliability. It is estimated that a 10% reduction in maintenance can generate a 30% increase in profitability.

Through a proactive maintenance strategy using condition monitoring systems, a 15 to 25% savings in maintenance can be generated. In large metals production, that translates into millions of dollars saved per year. Across all metal manufacturing, proactive condition monitoring systems are the gateway to leverage maintenance and a step forward in the adoption of Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Partner with Bently Nevada today to adopt condition monitoring solutions and take on a smarter, proactive maintenance strategy to boost your business metrics.

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