Welcome to the Q4 2020 edition of The Dealmaker Quarterly, in which we attempt to go beyond the platitudes uttered about environmental, social and governance objectives for the investment world. ESG too often seems to be merely a buzzword, as the growing vicissitudes surrounding climate, race, gender and socioeconomic class require more thought and analysis than the label alone allows.

So we’ve sought to provide that here with in-depth reporting by Nikitha Sattiraju and Ron Orol on ESG in activism, pension regulation and capital investment. They examine just how seriously our world is taking these issues and where we’re heading with them as a result.

This issue also features our package on Top Women in Dealmaking, which is meant to showcase how thoroughly women attorneys are shattering the glass ceiling in M&A. It includes a list of 48 female attorneys whom we’ve identified as having made a significant difference in this world and are likely to continue to do so, along with sponsored profiles of seven of them.

Read on and let us know what you think. We promise more on ESG and diversity in dealmaking in quarters to come. The simple fact is there is no longer any way to avoid doing so. Because times are indeed a-changing.

By Ronald Fink, Deputy Managing Editor

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