How soon we walked the talk of our Q4 Dealmaker Quarterly, “ESG: Beyond the Initials.” In this edition, “New Horizons,” we examine four nascent industries — plant-based food (see “Inconspicuous Consumption” by Nikitha Sattiraju, page 5), electric vehicles (“Electric Dreams” by Steve Gelsi and Bill Meagher, page 8), cybersecurity (“Cyber Insecurity” by Chris Nolter, page 13) and telemedicine (“The Doctor Is Way Out” by Armie Margaret Lee, page 16) — and each in its own way has at least something to do with environmental, social and governance goals.

The first two features have obvious relevance: Moving away from meat and fossil fuels is simply good for the environment. But the latter two also resonate with sustainability, however indirectly: Making more and better use of technology to run businesses and provide healthcare can’t help but improve a planet vulnerable to cybercrime and pandemic.

The second half of our Q1 Quarterly features the generation of dealmakers most likely to help those industries thrive, 48 up-and-coming M&A law partners we call “Rising Stars,” including eight whom we profile from the firms of Latham & Watkins, Mintz, Strook and White & Case. Many if not most of these dealmakers have been at least tangentially involved in the industries we profile in the first half. And it’s a good bet the entire group will become more deeply involved in them before long.

Taken together, the industries and the dealmakers you’ll find here in “New Horizons” amply reflect the vision for this issue and can go a long way toward helping investors make ESG happen.

It would be none too soon.

By Ronald Fink, Deputy Managing Editor

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