Covid-19 may be a black swan, but it does not sit in isolation. Volatility will exist beyond Covid-19; creating new opportunities and acute risk.

In The Future of Supply Chains in the Metals and Mining Markets report, we look at the next 12-18 months as economies re-open, recessionary pressures abate, and a new normal forms - a period of instability, uncertainty and volatility. If you are involved in the metals and mining supply chain, this essential guide will take you on a journey through:

  1. The market dynamics and volatility that existed prior to Covid-19;

  2. The eight key forces in motion influencing the future of supply chains and price dynamics post-Covid-19; and

  3. The tools you need to withstand the storm and build a better tomorrow by identifying and adapting to market changes as the world begins to work its way through a complex, uneven re-opening of the global economy.

Get beyond the fog of today and use trusted price data to gain strategic advantage in a post-Covid-19 market as economies re-open.

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